Nutrients for Plants
Mineral-Rich Plant Food
  • Do you want organic mineral-rich food
    for your garden soil?  

  • Do you want nutritionally healthy
    vegetables full of great flavor?

  • Do you want a vibrant flower garden?

  • Does your compost pile need a boost?

  • Do you want to help your plants survive
    transplanting shock?

  • Is your dead soil in need of quality
Nutrition for
"Learn the Secrets
to Healthy Soils
and Healthy Plants."
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I can help you get the “green thumb” you’ve always wanted.  
The place to start with your organic garden is with the soil.  
Soil fertility is paramount for a healthy organic garden.

I found this amazing solution to creating healthy soil.  A plant is
only as good as the soil in which it is grown, and soil needs
more than just NPK to give you healthy plants.  This Mineral-
Rich Plant Food has a wide spectrum of about
30 minerals,
naturally occurring with no chemicals or synthetics to worry
about.  These elements are absorbed by the plants, and
hence are absorbed by your body –
healthy soil, healthy
plants, healthy people

This product is a completely safe organic earth-friendly food
for the soil.  To give your garden soil the mineral boost it
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