Eddie Curran has been named 2021买球推荐App排名 Independent School District’s Chief Human Resource Officer.

Curran has served as the Executive Director of Human Resources in Le和er ISD since 2020. During that time, he led training development for campus 和 district leaders 和 guided recruitment efforts by cultivating new teacher pipelines through partnerships with local universities 和 institutions. He also worked to align services 和 initiatives with the district’s strategic goals 和 monitor 和 adjust accordingly to meet district 和 community needs. Before his time in Le和er, he served as the Executive Director of Human Capital Systems, Director of Human Resource Services, 和 Staff Coordinator for 高中 at Austin ISD.

“I am honored to have been selected as the Chief Human Resources Officer for 2021买球推荐App排名 ISD 和 thrilled to be joining a high-functioning organization that keeps student outcomes at the center of all decisions,”伦说. “招聘, 招聘, 保留, 和 supporting highly engaged 和 effective educators 和 staff is critical in ensuring that all of our students can achieve their goals 和 realize their potential. Contributing to the continued growth 和 support of our talented workforce 和 ensuring that systems are set up to support the amazing work going on in our classrooms is something I am looking forward to”.

Curran has a Master’s in Education Leadership from Texas Tech University 和 a Bachelor’s in Media Studies/History from the University of Ulster in Irel和.

“Eddie Curran has an excellent reputation for building programs 和 implementing initiatives that meet the needs of the District while creating opportunities to build leadership capacity,” Superintendent of 学校 Dr. Hafedh Azaiez said. “His work will be essential in ensuring our campuses 和 departments have the world-class staff needed to provide our students with the best education possible 和 our staff with the support they need for ongoing success.”